Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shape my blog!


As I write this I'm in sunny Hawaii. Maybe that's why I have nothing new to post in my blog, because let's face it... when you're in Hawaii, the last thing you should be doing is sitting in the dark, blogging! heh heh.
Truth be told, that's not why there hasn't been a new blog in a couple of weeks (I'd promised myself I'd post a new blog at least once a week when I started this). I've only been here in Honolulu for two days. I came to play a show. And I leave tomorrow. So that can't be the reason.  The fact is that I've been so swamped with work that I just haven't had time to write anything in two weeks or so.  If you're curious, I've been busy mostly with toy designs. I've got a handful of new DEADY vinyl toys in the works and I've been working overtime to get the manufacturers the designs, then having to re-do them because of changes at the factories, etc, etc... Then I design the packaging and so on. It's been a whirlwind.

Hence, no new blogs.

And here were are.  Now, as it happens, as I look back on the blogs I've written so far I see that they are really all over the board. There are a couple of science fiction pieces, a couple of artist advice pieces, an announcement and a commentary or two.   I'm looking to settle into a groove here which obviously hasn't happened yet. So, perhaps you can help. 

I'm guessing some people come for the fiction, probably only those of you who are also artists enjoy and benefit from the artists advice pieces... so, help me shape the blog by throwing out some suggestions.

In short, what do you want to read about here?

Thanks, it's time to hit the north shore where sea turtles (and hopefully a cocktail or two) await!

ps: I should mention that I started the blog particularly to train myself to write diligently and regularly because my next big project is a science fiction novel and I want to make sure I'm up to the task before I begin.



  1. Based on that last sentence, it would be best served as an outlet for your short stories.

    My opinion, however, is that I have many interests. I like fiction (especially sci-fi - go see the movie Moon) but I also appreciate the advice to artists and the comments. I come here for all three.

  2. Dude,

    You are a writer, artist, musician, performer, filmmaker, toy designer, businessman and individual, among other things. Why would you want to restrict your blog to only one aspect of yourself?

    I just show up to read what Voltaire is up to...

  3. I'm just going to ditto Inkwolf here. Don't restrict yourself; whatever you want to talk about, spill it! So long as you strive to write about a subject well, it's practice isn't it?

    We're your fans, we just want you to share your thoughts and brains ;)

  4. Thanks guys, that's very kind.
    In retrospect though, this blog should have been called "Write my blog for me while I chill in Hawaii!" lol!


  5. perhaps you should have different sections to your blog, like an index? i'd be sad to lose any voltaire-gem of wisdom you have to offer, whatever form it may take ;)
    also, science fiction novel? i'm excited! sci-fi is one of my oldest and greatest loves. :)

  6. Ooooh V said science fiction *cue the lips!* and don't get caught in a celluloid jam! Do we get at least a hint as to what your book will be about?

    As for the blog, I say, like the others here (OMG is that mainstreaming?! So not goth!), write whatever you feel like writing! You once told me that you don't cater to a certain audience, you just do what you do and people naturally gravitate. Why start catering now? Just be yourself :P

    Although, I'm with Maureen, you should tag your blog posts. Makes posts easier to find based on reader interest. And I'm with Ivan, go see my buddy's film Moon, awesome little indie sci-fi (not many of those running around). Tell him The Laughing Banshee (yeah that's me, hello again) sent you. ;)

    When are you coming back to Pittsburgh? We have a Horror Realm Con after DragonCon in Sept and the awesome World Zombie Day Walk at Monroeville Mall Oct 11th.

    Wish I had looked and knew you were going to Hawaii, would've suggested you stop at Haleiwa Joe's!

    Did you go to Turtle Bay for turtles? We usually found them at "The Elevator" near Sunset Beach in Sharks Cove. Hope you blog about your trip!

  7. I like it all! The artist tips are very interesting and helpful. The short stories are amusing.

  8. I loved you short story (it almost made me cry haha) and the little tid bits of your life are witty and amusing. My personal favorite was The Robots Are Winning (I shared it with most of my friends) and the artist advices peices are SO HELPFUL!!!!!! Even to one who has no creative bone in their body =) I think that another blog for stories would be appropriate, but leave this one how it is. It tends to make people feel connected, as if they know you (haha). I always look forward to reading your blog, and I probably always will (unless you change in some freakish manner 0.0 *shudders* normal people, BAH!). Sorting your stiories out to a seperate blog though, would be very helpful.

  9. This may not help you be disciplined for your science fiction novel, but I'd love to read about any stories you have from the road touring as a musician.

  10. Honestly, I just like being reassured that even though you are incredibly talented in many respects, you have a life like the rest of us. It helps prevent me from putting you on a pedestal and keeps reminding me that you are uniquely you. And I like you!

  11. I have to say it's all entertaining and in many ways rather helpful. I enjoy the scifi, the artist tips really make me think about my own approach to work, and the observations make me go huh. So please continue on in the rather branching, rolling vein you've been going in; I like it better than a select niche blog type anyways. Your fans are coming to read you, Voltaire, and everything that entails.

  12. If your goal is a novel, short stories are best unless you plan to write from the first person perspective then you can litterally write whatever comes to mind and simply focus on honing your tone.

    Personally, when I write stories on the web for people I have an *announcement section* followed by a *special thanks to* section. The annoucment section has covered everything from what I was feeling inspiration wise at the time to this box of crayola crayons I bought earlier that that came with nine sented crayons.

    (The fans loved the crayons and were as WTF? about them as I was. They smelled REALLY funky, like dusty old-lady perfume. ^^)

    So yeah, short-stories would probably be more versital and better for you the writer in the long run.

    However, if you limit yourself, you may run out of ideas so keeping it open might in fact be wisest. I only update bi-weekly personally except when I was running two stories at once. It's hard with real life always distracting you and a good novel even takes Steven King a year. The important thing is that you finish it, and hopefully like it. ^_-

    P.S. Tell your lovely lady I am digging her shades. ^^

  13. I guess I am like many of the responders here. I come to see what you are up to today. The story was great. The advice very very useful and your other items range from inspiring to funny and things I can really relate too. (Talking to your son about video games in particular)

    I think tagging is a good idea. So people can find what they want, but I would not limit yourself. (That's purely the fan in me talking) :0)

    But,considering your reason for starting this blog - A direct goal might be useful. In order to do just what you said, train yourself to focus.

    Either way both Dane and myself will keep tuning in.


  14. Whenever I despair at the actions and words of the sheeple I meet, your blog is the perfect pick me up of refreshing intellectualism. I loved the short story, keep 'em coming. The robots are winning has become a regular quote of mine. No complaints here. <3

  15. "Now that you have a blog, what the hell are you going to do with it?" This is the age old question. As with the other comments on this post, I too am happy to read whatever you post. Apart from that, keeping multiple blogs may be the only other solution (ex. one for fiction, one for advice, and one for random thoughts and happenings).

    On the subject of a sci-fi novel, would I be accurate in envisioning a darker "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" with more skeletons, zombies, and ass rape? Either way, I'm looking forward to it.