Monday, July 27, 2009

The Museum of Unnatural History or Why I Love Living in Manhattan

It being summer, my son and I have lots of time to kick around and do fun things. Today we went to the Museum of Natural History here in New York City. We started out by going to the Space Show in the planetarium. The film they showed was called Journey to the Stars which was about the formation of stars and supernovas. If you haven't been, it's pretty spectacular. The entire, rounded ceiling becomes a three hundred and sixty degree screen so it really seems like you are floating through the cosmos. This particular film, sadly was diminished a bit by the narration which was done by Whoopi Goldberg. Never has a black woman sounded so much like a cranky, old Jewish man. In any case, if I had to pick a Star Trek character to guide me on a soothing sojourn through the universe, there's an extremely good chance it wouldn't be Guinan! Hell, I'd have happily taken Wesley Crusher instead or Riker, or Data or, okay, anybody else!

Nonetheless, the film was still pretty amazing. When it was over we filed out and decided to see some of the other exhibits in the main body of the museum. We were walking down a long hallway, we nearly had gotten to the end of it, when who comes swinging around the corner but Bjork!  She was with her child and also enjoying a day at the museum. She's absolutely beautiful in person, but I'm sure you can guess that. She wore a very pleasant and disarming smile. I want to believe that I smiled back pleasantly, and cooly continued down the hallway, but inside I was squealing like a fan girl!  I have to say, I never cease to be amazed by how disarming it is to come face to face with one of your favorite artists. 

My son and I continued to the new Extreme Mammals exhibit. It was pretty interesting. We walked under a reproduction of a prehistoric beast four times the height of an elephant and marveled at the tiniest mammal discovered, a half inch tall rodent whose teeth are so small one needs a microscope to see them.  

That exhibit let out in the gift shop (of course) but we eventually found ourselves walking around some of the other tried and true exhibits. I've always loved the North American animals display (which a friend of mine calls, "The Dead Zoo") and the Hall of Diversity.  

At some point, I stumbled into a display that featured the album cover art from one of my CDs!  It was extremely surprising at first, but understandable under the circumstances. I won't tell you which CD it was from nor where I saw it. but the first person to tell me what album it was from and the exact location of the display will receive a box of goodies from me.

We eventually made our way back to the East Village. We had dinner at Typhoon, one of our favorite Japanese restaurants where I had an amazing Japanese curry and a couple of glasses of a really nice seasonal or "nama" sake called, Ohyama.

What a day it's been. This is why I live in New York city, folks! 


  1. The cover from your latest album, To The Bottom of the Sea, is in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life.

  2. It sounds like you had a great day out with your son!

    Nice museum too!

  3. The album artwork is from "To The Bottom Of The Sea", and it's in the Hall of Ocean Life. Looks like someone beat me to it though. Oh well.

    I'd make a big deal about this, but that's just me. People love to steal your artwork or use it without permission. It really angers me.

  4. I do not live in New York, but I found it in under 5 minutes!

  5. It was Devil's Bris, in the conservatory, next to the lead pipe and hidden by Col. Mustard. :)

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  7. I meaan..42!

    Ui, posee la edad de la respuesta a la vida, al universo y a todo lo demás! Sabemos que superará el humor inglés. Esperamos su novela! (esperamos que también llegue a barcino)


  8. "The Kraken as Seen by the Eye of the Imagination" from Monsters of the Sea, by John Gibson / Edward Etherington is in the Hall of Ocean Life. I love it there.

  9. Did you ask Bjork about her kitty?

  10. Quite nice to know that an artist I love who flustered me upon meeting can get flustered by an artist he loves upon meeting as well. :)

  11. how funny, one of my other good friends was at that museum at the exact same time. he's your polar opposite, a conservative Christian politician from arkansas ... but still!
    i'm surprised you guys didn't bump into one another, and cause a black hole! ;)

    also, i'm surprised you didn't tell bjork that you have a kitty!

  12. If you ever make it back to Columbus, I have a collection of rice wines, several of which I believe you would enjoy... now how to smuggle into gothcoming? hrm.

  13. Is Bjork aware that you've covered one of her songs?

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  15. (previous comment deleted due to too much Sangria and not enough proofreading. Here it is again)

    Well, hell, I guess that we easier than I thought! heh heh..

    Jetblackfeeling, you are CORRECT and you were first, so you win!

    Yes, the cover art from To The Bottom of the Sea is in the Hall of Ocean Life in front of a display of a giant squid attacking a whale (or visa versa).

    holylizard, there's no reason to get upset. The art was done in the 18th century by one Denys de Montforts, not by me. I licensed the art for the cover through a gallery of old woodcuts and images. I was just sort of surprised to see it at the museum as I now associate it with the cover of my CD. I mean hell, I have to handle them all of the time, so it's constantly right in my face! heh heh

    jetblackfeeling, email me at with a shipping address for you and your presents will be sent out right away!
    I'm thinking plush.. lots of plush.... and the new CD if you don't already have it.

    Blackfell, I do not know if Bjork is aware I did a cover of Bachlorette. There have been so many covers of her songs and somehow I doubt she makes it a point to keep track. Though she does get 12 cents for every copy of Boo Hoo that's sold, bless her heart. Though I somehow doubt she looks at her BMI or ASCAP statement and wonders, "hm... I wonder what this tiny line item for 57 dollars if for?" lol!

    Congratulations Jetblackfeeling and thank you all for playing along!


  16. "Though she does get 12 cents for every copy of Boo Hoo that's sold, bless her heart."

    Hahaha! Nice. ^_-

    Sounds like a wonderful day, can't wait to go back to NY next year. Even if it will only be for a week or so. ^^

    Heh, and if you have a show or event in that week, we'll be sure to attend. ^_-

  17. One of these days, I really need to bust out of suburbia and run away to New York for a bit. :)

  18. I saw the book in the store, and thought of you. Didn't know if you knew this existed or not, but it amused me and thought I should share ^.^

    It made me giggle

  19. V-

    I had no idea that you had a blog!! Just got your newsletter and am excited to see this. I'll be in NYC for a few weeks starting Aug. 15th and hope to catch up w/ you and Jayme.


  20. Nubby, Yes, actually, I just started it. It's just a little baby. ; )
    Sorry I'll be in Canada and then Orlando for most of your trip to NY... maybe I can see you before you go back to Portland.

    Jetblackfeeling, I mailed out your box of prizes. I hope you like them!
    Thanks for playing.


  21. The box of prizes is awesome! I love my little Pocket Goth. I'm a sucker for a guy with fangs and pleather. :D

  22. I bet Bjork walked away thinking, "Omg, I just saw Voltaire and he smiled at me!!!!!" Lol, I had a similar encounter with Renee O'Connor (Gabrielle of Xena and my fave Xena character)...I was at church leading the younger two's Sunday school room when a gal asked me if this was the right room for her granddaughter. I was looking at the roster as I had just checked in one student and as I looked up saying, " How old is your little girl?" to the mom holding her, I looked up into the face I had only seen on tv, and all of a sudden all I could was blurt out, "You're Renee O'Connor!?!" To which of course she said Yes and we had a brief fan/star exchange before I directed her to the toddler room for her little girl, Iris. I have never seen her since...she and her hubby moved into a house next door to our then-youth pastor but later they moved back to Texas (her mom and all) cus that's where they're from. So odd things can happen in the Southbay as well as NY. Btw, not all who use "party" as a verb are the "summering" kind...sometimes they surf! ;)